Number 9 vibrates to the planet Mars. It represents aggressive action, penetration, courage, and conflict. 9 is the number of originality and initiative . . . also the contradictory traits of vulnerability and naivete. 9 people are not stubborn, but they are determined to get what they want, and there is a difference. Stubbornness reacts and determination initiates. 9 brings a tendency to be impulsive and make snap decisions, later regretted. Although the temper will flare rather frequently, these people are quick to both forgive and forget an injury. They're vulnerable to their enemies because their first instinct is to trust everyone. Since they're so direct themselves, they expect others to be the same--and others often are not. Deviousness and manipulation always come as a shock to 9 people. As a general rule, they're incapable of such behavior and motives themselves, and dishonesty catches them off guard nearly every time, until they learn to be more cautious.

One of the most beneficial virtues of the 9 vibration is the ability to penetrate straight to the heart or core of a situation instead of indulging in circumlocution and the slow process of analysis. The Mars rulership of 9 allows these people to get directly to the point swiftly, and this makes them extremely impatient of slow thinkers, which doesn't help them win popularity contests. In fact, impatience with the mistakes of others and with errors of thinking they see instantly is one of the traits 9 people find difficult to control.

The familiar catch phrase "what you see is what you get" perfectly describes the 9 personality (when it surfaces to interact with the Sun Sign nature) because of the complete lack of guile.

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This information is from Linda Goodman's Star Signs, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1987.