Number 19 - The Prince of Heaven - 19 is one of the most fortunate and favorable of all Compound numbers. It is symbolized as the Sun, and is called the Prince of Heaven because it indicates victory over all temporal failure and disappointment. It blesses the person represented by it with all of the power of the Compound number 10, without the danger of abuse inherent in the 10. This number promises happiness and fulfillment--success in all ventures as well as in the personal life. The 19 will smooth the path and greatly dilute any negative vibrations one must deal with in the full numerological analysis.

PERSONALITY (adding "1" and "9")

Number 1 people possess a strong sense of self-worth and a marked dislike for criticism. A 1 person demands--and usually gets--respect and will insist on organizing and controlling everything and everyone around. The underlying desire is to be inventive, creative, and strongly original. These people are quite definite in their views, and can be stubborn when thwarted. They dislike restraint and must feel free. They'll almost always rise to some position of authority in whatever they undertake. Otherwise, they'll pout in the corner, nursing a bruised ego and frustrated ambitions. They insist on being looked up to by their mate, friends, relatives, co-workers--and even by the boss!

They'll protect the weak, defend the helpless, and take on the burdens of others as long as "the others" will do exactly as the Number 1 person dictates. They know everything better than anyone else, and consider their opinions to be superior, if not flawless. The great majority of the time they are right, which understandable annoys the people they lecture. They're strong on lectures. But 1 people are also unbelievable susceptible to compliments (sincere, not phony, and they can detect the difference). Genuine appreciation will get them to bend over backward to please. Pride is their weakest point. When the pride is wounded, 1 people lose all their virtues and become most unpleasant. When they're appreciated and respected, no one can be more generous and benevolent. But they can be dangerous when ignored. Being in love is as vital a necessity to them as the very air they breathe.

Although their disposition is easily wounded, enemies are quickly forgiven after they bow down and apologize. They only way to win a confrontation with a 1 person is to be humble, say you're truly sorry, and you'll be graciously excused. The Number 1 person resents familiarity from strangers but is extremely warm and affectionate with those who are loved and trusted. There's a fondness for children and young people, but often some sadness connected with a child. The 1 person enjoys fine clothes and jewels, impressive cars. Even a cloistered monk with a 1 vibration will keep his robe mended, and the cord around the waist will not be torn or tattered. All Number 1 people are blessed with a visible inbred sense of dignity. 

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This information is from Linda Goodman's Star Signs, St. Martin's Press, New York, 1987.